Our goal is to educate, warn and protect our clients
about frauds which can negatively impact their lives.


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Thank you for doing this for me.   Im very happy.  These criminals has ruined my economic life and im struggeling to pay for my house loan.  My girlfriend is pregnant and we expect baby in December.  I have trouble to feel happyness since I don't know how to afford paying tax that was supposed to be payed the 10th of May.  Thank you so much.


"I'm very grateful for your information and all the work you do for protecting us investor of the awful lot of people who are cheating us with fraud and scam. Best greetings."

- Statement from Iceland -

"Yes, these guys need to be put behind bars! In Japan, in the US, in Spain, wherever, but they should not harass anyone anymore."

- Statement from Finland -

"Thank you for your information concerning Mont-Bec Asset Management.

They provide all the contact details which you state on your web-site. Potential victims should be warned of the tactics used to give the impression they are genuine. They send those approached a copy of a license issued by International Dealers Association Asia.

They also encourage those approached to contact the Dealers Association and the latter then provides information that Mont-Bec is reputable and is entirely independent from them."

- Statement from United Kingdom -

"To whom it may concern! I got a phone call from Mr. "Victor Kondas" yesterday, and after that the enclosed e-mail with some files attached. Lakeshore Private Equity LLP has quite nice web sides, even with the key persons introduced. I was already believing this but after googling "Mr. Henry B. Payne" I ended up to your web sides and found the letter of Continental Private Equity LLC (link) concerning the acquiring of Geo Alert company.

The letter has quite a lot of similarities with the enclosed file "InterCanadian Business Management Acquisition.pdf" Even the value of Geo Alert and InterCanadian Business Management is same :). So if you want to add this info in your black list there might be a reason for that!

It is nice to know that at least somebody is acting against these criminals. Best regards"

- Statement from Finland -

"Why Didn't I see your article earlier. THEY GOT ME!!! (about Premier World Financial‏)?

I must admit, they really covered their tracks. I even called some references and looked on the computer to verify that they were legitimate. I wired them the funds and my bank is currently trying to stop the transfer because of your article. I am still hoping that you are wrong, but, I know you aren't. Thanks........"

- Statement from Canada -

The following person found our warning against AOT Europe (clone) at the right time, and the bank retried the transfer order.

"I have bought funds from them for the Mercury Fund amounting to £5000.00. Also fund for gold shares £10,000 in ETS...

Hi, Not sure if I have forwarded you this email. I have now had the £10,000 returned into my bank account :) I have a fax number for... which was getting through to them. The police here think it may be a number for the Midlands in England. Regards S H."

- Statement from United Kingdom -

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