Our goal is to educate, warn and protect our clients
about frauds which can negatively impact their lives.

What we do internationally Our company researches and provides
Due Diligence reports to our clients.
This information allows them to know
if these entities are Legitimate or
NOT authorized firms,
NON-existent firms,
NON-existent authorities,
NON-existent financial regulators,
CLONED firms & authorities.


Due Diligence / Research

Research is vital but takes time. Time costs money. Your time and money is precious. Before committing to any investment venture it is crucial that Due Diligence research is conducted. Research takes time – that is where our company is able to help. Our clients voluntarily contact us. We then conduct an analysis and examination into the investment before our clients sign any venture contracts and invest their money.

Avoid being a Victim - Prevent Any Loss of Money

If you are contacted by any financial company asking you to invest in or buy new shares in a company - CONTACT US! If you are asked to purchase or sell your existing shares in a company CONTACT US! If you are asked to pay taxes via a W-8BEN form; or for any other reason such as: margin agreements, insurance or surety bond fees, derestriction fees or to pay any financial regulator, CONTACT US! We will be your first line of defense.

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